Gommatex company has been active on the national and international market for three generations. It was founded in the territory of Prato in the 1960s. Prato, which has always been a land of threads and fabrics, has its maximum development with the production and worldwide export of wool and cotton. Thanks to his intuition, Mr. Giovannelli founded Gommatex that proposes to operate as subcontractor and is specialised in the coating process of fabrics for fake furs and in the bonding of fabrics for clothing, leather products, and footwear.

Founded as family run company, Gommatex grows exponentially, since it has always aimed at innovation and high quality. Since the beginning, it has proposed itself as partner of the most important Italian and French fashion designers. In the ’70s, it took over Finissaggio TRT and EWF, fabric finishing and washing companies. Thus, allowing the implementation of the production chain offering a finished and personalised product, controlled by the experience of Gommatex that ensures high-level parameters in all the production phases.

Production. The first machines, the start of our collaborations with leading fashion brands.
Our first logo, the entrance to the company. Thus began 60 years of history, and quality.