An innovative proposal of stylish, comfortable, and top quality fabrics originated the exclusive collaboration between Gommatex and Eurojersey SPA. The reference target is the medium-high range buyer that appreciates quality, Made in Italy, trend, and beauty. The high technology processing of fibres, specifically, polyamide microfiber and elastomeric fiber LYCRA,

create a fabric with extraordinary characteristics, ideal for different uses in the most various sectors; from clothing, to sportswear, beachwear, and underwear. These fabrics are extremely soft and comfortable, light as a second skin, and remain intact even after numerous launderings ensuring high resistance, brightness, resistance of colour and prints.

Gommatex Mission

Gommatex opens its doors to the world of stylish clothing, winking also to sportswear. The malleability of this fabric, allows dressing every person in any occasion and moment of the day. Women and men underwear, outerwear, stylish and elegant clothes, comfortable for leisure, seaside, and mountain sports activities. Our processing gives an added value to this innovative patent. We take care of every processing phase, ennobling them with dyes, finishings, coatings, prints, and embossing. All the processing phases are carried out in our factory, thus ensuring careful check of every phase. A top quality and completely Made in Italy product.

The patent

Softness and lightness make this fabric ideal for underwear, following the body’s contours as a second skin. This fabric is excellent for laser cutting processing, offering comfortable, practical, and seamless underwear with a perfect fit.


A fabric resistant in time, UV protective, very soft and practical that ensures fast drying, therefore ideal for beachwear and competitions.


Elastic, light, breathable, and resistant, ensures comfort and excellent performances during competitions and training.


Practical, dynamic, modern, extremely comfortable, and malleable, thus suitable for any kind of processing ensuring stylish and elegant outfits for every occasion and need.