60 Years of history

Gommatex was founded in 1960, and since the beginning, its activity has been innovative compared to the ones of the other companies of the textile district of Prato in that period. In those years, Prato was already famous all over the world for the cotton and wool fabrics produced and exported in Europe and all over the world by family-run companies. Gommatex belongs to this context. It was established as family-run company operating as subcontractor, carrying out fabric coating processing for fake furs, as well as fabric bonding destined to different sectors such as clothing and footwear sectors. The company has been going through an exponential growth. Today, the Gommatex group has about 100 dependents. Over the years, Gommatex, has diversified its products, to serve market segments different from the historical one of leather, starting the production of coated fabrics destined to furnishing. Thanks to this diversification, the company improved its production know how, which allowed it to acquire top-level brands as its customers. Of great importance is also the collaboration with Finissaggio TRT, a fabric dyeing and finishing company, with which Gommatex has been working for many years, and that allows it the production and processing of high quality denim articles.

Made in Italy quality

The raw materials necessary for the production cycle are fabrics and polyurethane chemical components, which are studied and appropriately combined according to the characteristics of the finished product. The mainly considered values are composition, eco-sustainability, weight, flexibility, and durability. Fabrics are purchased raw and mainly processed by coating and coagulation according to the typology of product to be realised. Usually, the coagulated fabric covered with polyurethane resin, forms the core of the product, while the coated fabric constitutes the internal part of the finished product. Innovation and quality are the bedrocks of Gommatex, which has always been searching for new products that could be realised with ultra-modern technologies and personnel constantly up to date, thus maintaining a high-level standard. Very important are also the environmental certifications the company obtained thanks to a production that respects the sustainability of the territory.

Environmental Impact

The polyurethane coated fabrics production process is complicated and includes very heterogeneous phases. Their organic nitrogen compound, called Dimethylformamide, is used in all the phases of the cycle as polyurethane polymers solvent. Gommatex has invested in the environment thanks to a distillation plant for the reduction and recovery of dimethylformamide. The company has created a virtuous circle, with a production of about 98% and an emission of solvent not higher than 20mg/Nm3 in atmosphere (as the only non-recoverable part of solvent and in observance of the regulations in force). In 2007, Gommatex has applied for and obtained from the province of Prato and under the aegis of A.R.P.A.T. the Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale (Integrated Environmental Authorisation) (A.I.A.) with protocol No. 3186 of 29/10/2007 in observance of the regulations in force regarding the environmental and community impact.

Our production infrastructures

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