Being respectful of the environment and taking care of it can not and should not be just a matter of fashion. Being green or whatever you want to say, means taking care of our planet and therefore of our home. Being green should not be neither a movement, nor an obligation or much less an imposition; it’s just the right thing to do. Some argue that global warming does not depend on our behavior and that it is mainly a normal period of transition on the planet. Maybe, but that can not justify inappropriate behavior. It is now clear to everyone that, for example, the levels of plastic in the seas have reached levels that are no longer tolerable and acceptable, as well as levels of microplastics now present in a lot of sea animals. It is widely acknowledged that all the poisons we release into the environment are being found in the foods we consume, in the water we drink, in the air. Being green must be a behavior and a way of living for everyone in everyday life. Because everybody likes a cleaner world and we all deserve it.

Small personal actions can change the planet immediately.
Gommatex has long decided to do its part: for us and for our children, to leave a better planet to next generations, and to give us the serenity in everyday life. We did so with substantial investments aimed at reducing the energy impact through solar panel structures, with a cutting-edge vapor recovery plant, contributing to research and use of recycled plastic for the production of eco-sustainable fabrics and with a series of initiatives that complete this approach. We did it also in the small things: in our company we have eliminated all the disposable plastic removing 12 tons of plastic a year. That’s why Gommatex is also currently engaged in a series of green initiatives in the area where the company is based. Innovation, competitiveness, environmental sustainability: key words that can work together and that inspire the action and work of Gommatex every day.

When you make a choice,
you change the future.

Deepak Chopra Cit.

The 3 pillars of the Green Policy


Sustainable Fabrics

Gommatex has developed a wide range of articles for leather goods and footwear using certified and recycled fibers. Specifically, we use cotton fibers that follow the traceability and sustainability criteria identified by the GOTS standards, and Twolife® brand polyester fibers that come from recycled sources, in particular the fiber is produced by recycling PET plastic bottles. With these yarns we also make all our denim garments. The fabrics are then processed(Detox certified) and finished in our companies (Finissaggio Trt e Ews). Thanks to this supply chain, Gommatex is able to provide sustainable articles within a circular economy.

Polyurethane from renawable sources and solvent free

Gommatex is constantly dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge polyurethanes. The PU, representing the company's core business, has been the subject of great attention from our R&S team. The result of the research is the AKKADUEO® product; specifically, Gommatex is today the first company in Europe to be able to carry out all the production phases of polyurethane articles, i.e. coagulation, coating, printing and bonding, without the use of chemical solvents harmful to the environment: in fact the solvent AKKADUEO® is just water! The articles thus produced comply with the constraints imposed by the latest environmental regulations in the leather and footwear sector. The R&S team has taken a further step forward, increasing the experimentation in polyurethanes not derived from fossil sources (e.g. oil) but from renewable sources, thanks to which Gommatex can provide more eco-sustainable coagulated bases. In fact, in the production of these articles, at least 65% of polyurethane granules from renewable sources are used in the coagulation process (e.g. agricultural waste, etc.). The choice of the type of products to be used is up to the customer only!

Sustainable energy sources

The third pillar of our "Green Policy" is the use of sustainable energy sources. To achieve this goal, Gommatex has installed an important photovoltaic system capable of meeting the total electricity needs of the production departments. To reduce the use of methane, the company has launched an innovative post-combustion system, unique in its kind. This plant plans to recover the solvents used in the production process to feed the boilers and the branches of industrial plants.
The solvent is transformed into combustible, copiously reducing the use of traditional methane gas and completely eliminating the atmospheric emissions of the combusted solvent. We are also proud to say that thanks to the achievement of the use of electricity only from renewable sources, this important certification has been conferred.

Some pictures of our European ADV campaign

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