EWS Laundry

EWS Srl (Europa Washing System) is an industrial laundry that has developed its activity in line with the requests of the market and customers, in order to valorise the fabrics and the processing of garments. The structure has been designed and organised to offer, apart from the washing, all the necessary services to pass from the made article to the one ready to be delivered. The daily study for new dyeing and washing treatments is completed by the special attention paid to the optimisation of the yield, durability, and aspect of the articles through “special processing” phases such as, sanding, sand-blasting, edge cutting, spraying, etc. E.W.S. is the only company in Italy and the second company in Europe able to carry out mercerisation in ammonia, a type of fabric processing that makes them permanent-pressed, breathable, highly resistant to abrasion, and with an excellent dyeing yield. E.W.S. is able to fulfil all the customer’s needs, including the sampling ones and small production.