TRT Finishing

T.R.T. is acronym for Tintoria e Rifinizione Tessuti, which was founded in 1973 and transformed into the current company on 12 December 1980. Since the beginning, it catered to the cotton market, specialising in the processing of cellulosic fibre fabrics. The first years of activity were characterised by the production of those fabrics used as support for the realisation of garments made with imitation leather. Over the years, the management has been pursuing a strategy aimed at increasing its production capacity and improving its expertise, diversifying the production. Today, it has plants for the processing of cotton, linen, viscose, and elastomeric fabrics, and it became a point of reference in the sector. The management has always invested in the research, in order to keep the production in perfect efficiency and in line with the state of the art of technology. In fact, clothing is the main sector where the fabrics produced are used, and this requires high qualitative standards and very special characteristics. The technical equipment is constantly updated. The company has 56 dependents that periodically participate in professional training and refresher courses. The plants comply with the requirements provided for by the safety regulations in force.