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Green Valley



Being respectful of the environment and taking care of it cannot and should not be just a matter of fashion. “Being green” means taking care of our planet and therefore of our home, it should neither be a movement nor an imposition; it is just because it is the right thing to do. It is well established that all the poisons we release into the environment are found in the foods we consume, in the water we drink, in the air.  Being green must be a behavior and a lifestyle, of all of us, in everyday life. Because everyone likes a cleaner world and we all deserve it. Small personal actions can change the planet, immediately, every day. Gommatex has long ago decided to do its part for ourselves, for our children and for the new generations, to give others a better planet, and to give ourselves the serenity of those who make the right choice.

We did it with substantial investments aimed at reducing the energy impact through solar panel structures, with a state-of-the-art vapor recovery system, contributing to the research and use of recycled plastic for the production of eco-sustainable fabrics and with all a series of initiatives that complement this approach. We did it even in small things: in our company we have eliminated all single-use plastic, managing to eliminate 12 tons of plastic per year. And thinking of the global as the local, Gommatex is also currently engaged in a series of green initiatives in the area in which the company is based.  Innovation, competitiveness, environmental sustainability: keywords that can go hand in hand and that inspire the action and work of Gommatex every day.

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