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Gommatex has inaugurated its own advanced digital printing department.

A targeted selection of machinery and the recruitment and training of specialized technicians has allowed us to create a cutting-edge department in the printing of polyurethane and leather supports.

We have the most modern flexible and high-quality digital technologies that allow us to quickly adapt based on customer needs. We can print on any material both in rolls, placed and on panels. We have an internal graphics department, able to process the files starting from a simple brief or an idea from the customer.

An innovative software developed by us allows us to control color with high precision and reliable electronic systems both in the production phase and in the sampling phase, thus guaranteeing the highest possible quality and standardization of the process. The company has an internal laboratory, in which all tests and production are tested to ensure the best possible quality. Our department has a productivity of approximately 10,000 linear meters per week.

Gommatex Digital Printing Evolution;

quality, flexibility and availability.

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We have structured our printing department in order to be able to print on all substrates, plastics, leather and panels, so as to be able to offer a wide range of products to our customers.



The chromatic and qualitative control of the print yield is essential for us to be able to meet the high quality standards required by our customers.



High-tech printing with latest generation large format printers, with high production capacity and top-level color rendering.



A highly qualified and specialized team ready to satisfy every customer need



Graphic department able to manage changes and processing in a short time 

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