Animal Free Fashion is an exclusive certification for the textile sector, a project developed by the LAV Anti Vivisection League. It was created to encourage fashion companies to renounce the use of materials of animal origin by replacing them with cruelty free materials (without violence on animals).

Unlike the Fur Free certification - another LAV project - Animal Free Fashion is a more complex certification, and is one of the few that allows us to define vegan clothing.

Giving up on materials of animal origin is certainly an ethical and commendable choice for fashion brands, even fundamental for the future of our civilization, but this does not mean that we must avoid materials of animal origin by purchasing polluting synthetic fabrics, it would be really counterproductive, since pollution, in a direct way, still creates suffering and death in the animal world.

This is why the Animal Free Fashion certification also evaluates the environmental aspect of the materials used by Animal Free brands.


The raw materials necessary for the production cycle are polyurethane-based fabrics and chemical components, which are studied and combined specifically based on the characteristics that the finished product must have. The values mainly considered are composition, eco-sustainability, weight, elasticity, resistance. The fabrics are purchased raw and processed mainly by coating and coagulation based on the type of product to be made. Innovation and quality are the pillars of Gommatex; always looking for new products that can be made with cutting-edge technologies and with constantly updated staff, thus maintaining a high standard. Standard that is further supported by the environmental certifications that the company has received thanks to a production sensitive to sustainability. The leather goods sector is a source of pride for Gommatex; with many years of experience alongside major brands of Italian fashion and beyond, the Tuscan company offers products of the highest quality always made with the latest production technologies.