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Products, our soul...

Gommatex can boost a collection of over 700 different products, ranging from leather goods to footwear and clothing. Coated and coagulated fabrics, denim jacquard and non-denim jacquard fabrics, technical fabrics, lining fabrics, are only a part of our current business proposal. 

We only use certified and recycled fibres, GOTS or GRS cotton, GRS polyester, recycled nylon, regenerated cashmere. 

Gommatex is the only company which is capable of obtaining the GOTS certification for garment washed denim. 

Not only fabrics, but also digital printing and multi-transformations. 

Printing on fabrics, polyurethane and leather, 3D digital printing, glossy effects, represent the flagship of our digital printing department.

High-frequency printing, serigraphy, embossing, laser printing and plating are the core business of our “Multi-transformation hub” division, where both our homemade bases and subcontracted products, such as leather, are processed. 

A wide but at the same time very flexible offering, which is capable of easily adapting to our customers’ stylistic and qualitative needs.

Our designers systematically integrate our business proposal, by following fashion trends and paying much attention to the topic of sustainability.

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